Geet Hai Zindagi! (Music is life!)

, welcome to 'Geet Hai Zindagi'!!

After months of work 'Geet Hai Zindagi' is now online. The information on this site is mainly a conversion of the site which was previously known as 'Yeh Hai India'. The name has changed because 'Geet Hai Zindagi' primarily focus on music and music chords. Nevertheless, many information of 'Yeh Hai India' is still available on this site.

Despite of all the hard work and care I have taken to design the site I can not guarantee that the site is 'bug-free'. As you know a website is always under construction. So, if you discover any bugs or if you have any comments or suggestions related to any topic on this site, please mail me at

I hope you will enjoy surfing this website!

Aniel Bhulai

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by A. Bhulai