Durga Mata  


Durga MataDevi, the Mother Goddess is the symbol of all the auspicious and true qualities which define the Supreme Being. Of all her forms, Devi Durga is the ultimate representation of infinite power, purity and strength of purpose, which resides within the divine essence of every being. In Hindu symbology, negative qualities within the individual such as excessive ego, anger, attachment etc. are presented metaphorically as demons. The narrative of Devi Durga's destruction of these demons epitomizes the inner spiritual struggle of the individual soul as it strives to conquer ignorance and having gained victory realizes the Supreme power of one's own Self. The pictures that you will see in this Sword of Truth presentation are the visual manifestations of those very qualities made real. The Shlokas have been taken from the Chandi Path, an ancient compilation of verses in praise of the resplendent Mother.
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by A. Bhulai