Magazines & news  


Fashion news

  1. Sheetal


  1. Asianet
  2. Doordarshan (Indian National Television Network)
  3. (Source for everything related to Indian television)
  4. NDTV
  5. Sahara Manorajan
  6. Sony Entertainment TV
  7. Star TV
  8. UTV
  9. Zee Television

Film Magazines

  1. Bollywood Online Magazine

Miscellaneous News

  1. AsiaInc (Asian Business Asian Views)
  2. India Times
  3. Hindi Milaap (in Devnagri script)
  4. The Hindu (Online edition of India's National Newspaper)
  5. INDO-link (News from India)
  6. News India Times
  7. NRI-news
  8. Surabhi (Cultural Magazine)
  9. The Times of India
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by A. Bhulai